3 Steps to Glowing Healthy Skin

Judith Grant

Posted on September 14 2020

Three products in our Green September box provide your Ultimate Skincare Package.  Kiri Nourishing Cleansing Balm is filled with gentle, deeply moisturising oils such as Jojoba, Argan, Avocado and Kakadu Plum.  Massaged into your face and neck, it gently dislodges and lifts dirt, grime, debris and makeup from your pores, leaving your skin feeling soft and luxurious.  

After massaging the cleansing balm into your skin for a few minutes, wet the Hemp Wash Cloth with warm water then gently rub the cloth in circular motions over your skin.  As we age, dead skin cells take longer to shed from the surface of the skin and can accumulate to make dullness, fine lines and clogged pores more noticeable.  Daily exfoliating of your face with a wash cloth will slough off dead skin cells, giving it a deep clean and leaving your face glowing and renewed.  We can spend a lot of time debating which exfoliating potion is best, when all you need is a great wash cloth! Exfoliating face wash cloths are the unsung hero of your daily skincare routine.  After every face wash, simply wash the cloth in warm soapy water, rinse out and leave to dry.

You've cleansed........ you've exfoliated......... now comes the Ultimate Moisturiser.  Kiri Botanical Facial Oil is jam packed with oils that are deeply hydrating, provide long lasting moisturisation and are nutritious for your skin.  Kiri Botanical Facial Oil repairs and protects the skin and is nourishing and restorative while repairing and protecting your skin layers. This is botanical skincare gold in a bottle! Watch fine lines and wrinkles fade and your skin take on glowing good health.

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