5 Ways to up your moisture game

Jessie Charlton

Posted on July 25 2019

While most of us are vigilant applying sunscreen to protect our skin the summer months, many of us forget to show our skin the same love over the colder months. 
It is during these cold and frosty months that your skin becomes dry, flaky, and tight. The cold weather makes the skin have a higher tendency of becoming dry and dull-looking. When the temperature outside is freezing, the skin’s pores shrink considerably, which causes heat to accumulate inside the skin, resulting to oily and ‘loaded’ skin. 

We have put together our 5 favourite ways to fight winter skin

1 // Facial Cleansing Oil by Ma Native
A facial cleansing oil is a warm & gentle way to cleanse your skin over winter. The blend of sweet almond, apricot kernel & argan oils gently lifts away make up & grime from your face while warming into your skin to give it a protective barrier Available exclusively through our Serial Shop

2 // Superfood Facial Oil by Lilli Skincare
This would have to be our personal favourite moisturiser that we have found so far! A lightweight blend of chia seed, seabuckthorn, avocado and jojoba oils as well as aromatic essential oils, this oil smells devine & leaves you feeling like you have just left the day spa. A few drop massaged into your face after cleansing leaves your skin looking lighter & brighter. If you want to add to the experience, roll on with a rose quartz roller to calm inflammation & encourage cell restoration. www.lilliskincare.co.nz

3 // Eye Oil by Artemis Jones
Your delicate eye area needs extra attention in the colder weather. This blend of Abyssinian Oil & organic Borage Oil calms the eye area & heaps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while forming a protective barrier www.artemisjones.co.nz

4 // Healing Lip Treatment by Evolu
Nourish those dry cracked lips with this amazing lip treatment. With a lightweight texture that applies easily and penetrates quickly, this effective yet gentle balm brings together the natural anti-microbial properties of New Zealand Manuka honey with the repairing benefits of Thyme And Rosemary, working to soothe, salve and soften the delicate skin of the lips www.evolu.com

5 // Natural Moisture Bar by Bare Naturals
We haven't forgotten the rest of your body! Bare Naturals moisture bars contain healing beeswax, nourishing oils, shea butter & essential oils. They are perfect after a day out in the garden to restore moisture to your whole body!
A body lotion bar is made up of a blend of oils, which are solid at room temperature. As you hold them, the heat from your hands warms the oil and melts the bar. You can then massage it directly onto dry skin; this massages the oils and butters in, drenching your skin in beautiful, natural moisture.
And they are plastic free! They come wrapped in a gorgeous beeswax wrap www.barenaturals.co.nz

Your skin will have a gorgeous healthy glow on after this luxury treatment! All products are available from our Serial Shop for delivery to your door

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