Beauty Starts on the Inside

Jessie Charlton

Posted on September 19 2019

As Serial Box we take a holistic approach to beauty. We are all about nourishing your body with the best that nature provides. As well as using fantastic natural skincare, we also believe that you have to feed your body well with a good balance diet, exercise & meditation. 

I am very lucky that my Mum Judith is also my business partner. Her morning routine consist of 1/2 hour of yoga & mediation & a cup of tea to start the day. Being a Pom, she knows a great cuppa.

Drinking tea has so many benefits to your wellness & beauty which is why we include them in our Beauty & Wellness Boxes. Tea is packed with anti-oxidents to keep your skin looking fresh & glowing. It also aides your digestion & boosts your immune system.

Thats why we were so excited to discover Libertine Blends which is made right here in NZ by Jacqui Wales.  Libertine Blends has a delicious range of 7 teas, which are suited to all different occasions. Libertine Blends teas and herbs are selected for both for their flavour and properties. Working with naturopaths, carefully exploring each blend over time, the range has developed into a range to suit every moment.

My favourite for a hot afternoon is their Minty Ohm Tea. Its refreshing blend of mint, manuka, rosemary & lemon balm is absolutely delicious.  Or when I'm need of a calming cuppa in the middle of after school madness Runnaway Rose with its blend of Rose, Elderflower, Lavender & Vanilla

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