Give me moisture!

Jessie Charlton

Posted on July 24 2018

Those of you that ordered the July Winter beauty box would have had the chance to try the Citrus Dream Moisture Lotion Bar from Bare Naturals ( that can only be described as ridiculously delicious luxury for your skin....they are everything that we here at Serial Box are about, treating you to a tiny bit of indulgence each day.

They are made from organic beeswax, coconut oil, organic almond oil, organic shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils of sweet orange, grapefruit and lemon.

They also come in Ruby Rose, Coconut & Lime or Chocolate Nut & come packaged in a beautiful beeswax wrap

Body lotion bars are solid at room temperature. As you hold them, the heat from your hands warms the oil and melts the bar. You can then massage it directly onto dry skin; this massages the oils and butters in, drenching your skin in beautiful, natural moisture.

These are perfect to treat yourself or as a gift. You can purchase these through our Serial Shop or by visiting

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