Meet the Maker - Doubtless Bay Botanicals

Jessie Charlton

Posted on July 26 2020

Doubtless Bay Botanicals is a favourite with the Serial Box team & for good reason! Their products are amazing quality, are packaged beautifully ready to gift & the scent of them is incredible. Here is what their founder Regan O'Brien has to say...

 Hi my name is Regan O'Brien. I live in Mangonui, Doubtless Bay. I have always been obsessed with skincare both as a consumer and when I worked in various facets of the industry including pharmacy retail.
I saw a gap in the market for a natural local skincare range that could double as a destination gift or be something you could use yourself everyday.
I started trialling recipes and formulating a business plan two years ago but trading didn't officially start until October 2019.  
I knew I wanted to incorporate olive and avocado oil in my range as they both grow in adundance in northland and are extremely versatile. I also saw beneficial properties in hibiscus flower extract and this too loves northland conditions and can be found sprinkled throughout people's gardens everywhere around here.
The coconut and lime fragrance in the hand and body lotion and body butter was a deliberate nod to beach life and is quintessentially 'summer' to me and of course we always refer to the region as the 'winterless north' so its fitting to fragrance lotions with a fragrance that has beach holiday vibes. I like to use fragrant essential oils that have positive properties for skin such as rose geranium and patchouli and other extracts and oils rich in antioxidants and moisturising properties that will protect, hydrate and nourish your skin when applied for example Chamomile, Aloe vera, Marula and Chia seed.  
Every ingredient I incorporate has a purpose or benefit so there are no fillers or anything harsh, harmful or un-necessary included. Its pure plant based natural skincare best summed up as barefoot luxury.
Enjoy! Rx

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