Why we love Natural Deodorant

Jessie Charlton

Posted on September 19 2019

Embracing natural beauty goes beyond creams, cleansers & make-up. The use of natural deodorant has been on the rise in the past year & for good reason. They are not only kinder on your body but better for the environment too.

Did you know its not the sweat that causes your armpits to get on the stinky side? It's actually bacteria that breeds from damp armpits. Sweating is your body's natural way to detoxify, so it is essential that we let it all out. Traditional deodorants work by blocking you from sweating whereas their natural counterparts using ingredients like clay & arrowroot to absorb the moisture to keep you feeling fresh & dry all day. As a added bonus, using a natural deodorant in turn gives you healthier kidneys because they are not working overtime to process the extra toxins in your body that couldn't escape via sweating.

Sweating is also your body's way of regulating your temperature, so the longer you use a natural deodorant, the less you sweat as your body gets back into its natural rhythm.

Natural deodorants contain no aluminium, parabens & artificial fragrance unlike traditional store bought deodorants which studies have linked to causing breast cancer & Alzheimers. Given that you are applying deodorant so close to lymph nodes with detoxify your body, I know for certain I that i don't want to take the risk.

But how do you choose which one to try? There are a multitude of new products out there for you to try, with varied results but we have come across a winner with B.BOLD. Our family have all tried this & it is now a staple in our beauty tool box that we couldn't be without.


B.Bold delivers exactly what it says it will. It keeps me fresh & dry all day. It comes in 4 different scents to suit everyone - Rose & Geranium, Cedar & Bergamot, Lavender & Eucalyptus (a bicarbonate free option for sensitive skin) & Fragrance Free. A jar goes such a long way too which is perfect with so many people in our household. And given that we are making the move to a plastic free bathroom, we also love the fact that their packaging not only looks great but is also 100% plastic free

B.Bold is hand crafted right here in NZ by 2 sisters, Hannah & Monica (you know we are all about family working together in business!) Hannah has a background in biology, physiology and biochemistry. She is currently studying organic skincare formulation. Hannah has an obsessive nature when it comes to research, formulation and perfecting products combined with a passion for the world of natural and effective skincare. Monica uses her background in marketing & advertising to spread the word on B.Bold to as many beautiful kiwis as she can. 

If you still need convincing, B.Bold offers a free sample so you can try for yourself. Head over to their website to grab one for yourself today, you wont be dissapointed! https://bboldnatural.co.nz/products/mini-travel-size


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