Plastic Free Beauty

Jessie Charlton

Posted on May 27 2019

Over the past 35 years, plastic packaging has rapidly made its way into every aspect of our lives. It is cheap to produce & keeps products fresh. Unfortunately the impact of this has caught up with our planet which is no longer able to sustain our use. There are huge floating islands of plastic in the ocean & micro-plastics are now appearing in our food chain. It estimated that if we don't change our ways, the damaged will be irreversible in the next 12 years.

New Zealand is on the forefront of natural beauty, having so many amazing natural ingredients to use on our doorstep. It is really exciting to see so many young emerging brands making skincare products that are good for the environment & actually work too. A lot of these artisans are looking to the past to our grandparents era to use the medicinal properties of what nature has provided us with. And to walk the talk, they are using gorgeous natural recycled & reusable packaging & plant based dyes to help save the planet!

Serial Box is committed to introducing you to some of NZ's most innovative brands that plastic free & contain environmentally sustainable ingredients.

Here's our top picks for environmentally friendly brands that is serial-ously good!

Anoint Skincare

Using the best natural ingredients, Anoint uses healing beeswax, nourishing epsom salts & essential oils to produce a range of Soap, Lotion Bars, Bath Salts, Lip Balms, Facial Steams & baby products. They come beautifully packaged in trade mark recycled maps with a wax seal.

Bare Naturals

The Bare Naturals solid moisture bar is a luxury treat for your skin. They are a blend of coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter & essential oils. They warm so deliciously into your skin. Perfect for healing gardener's hands or skin dried out from winter's bite, they will warm your body. They come beautifully packaged in beeswax wraps

Lanies Balms

Sarah from Lanies Balms not only makes amazing skincare & haircare products, she is also a qualified Bee Keeper. She combines both talents to create an amazing range of products that not only nourish your body but are kind on the environment too.


B.Bold natural deodorant is hands down the best natural deodorant out there. It goes on easily, comes in 3 delicious fragrances & leaves you dry & fresh all day.



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